Welcome to the site of our Golden Keys Alberta Golf Tournament. The golf tournament is organized and supported by tourism partners through out Alberta. 

It's goal is to raise awareness of the Concierge profession. Concierge are asked to volunteer their time in putting together this golf tournament in the hope of them not only being given donations for their association but also to have hands on leadership opportunities. While at the same time also giving them the opportunity to expand their network and raise the profile of their profession. 
Les Clefs d'Or translated from french, means "The Gold Keys". The Hotel Concierges represent Alberta in this very prestigious international organization. Their members are easily recognized in our respective hotels by the symbol they wear on the lapels of our uniforms: the golden, crossed keys. This is a familiar sign to the experienced traveler. 

Their motto is very simple, "In Service through friendship", however this statement speaks volumes of the commitment to offering the highest level of service..  

 Don Mooney
Guest Relations Manager & VIP Concierge 
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